Transport Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the elements that affect country economic growth. However most of the urban infrastructure was built in the last century. Regular maintenance is essential for City’s operation and public safety. Aerial Photography could help to pin-point the ground coordinates accurately. Making use of the collected coordinates, a customized software can process the data into two-dimensional orthophoto maps and three-dimensional models. These data can be used for transportation system evaluation.

Aerial videography

can also be used for traffic monitoring. Bird eye view effect can only be achieved by using helicopter previously, using drone technology, the same effect can be achieved at a much lower cost. An efficient monitoring system can reduce the frequency on traffic accidents and congestion.

aerial videography by drone
professional drones collect geographic information using aerial videography


Using professional drone, geographic information can be captured more frequently and faster. Ground Control Points (GCPs) can be measured up to sub-centimetre accuracy. The combination of GCPs and image processing software enable Infrastructure surveys to be performed more effectively. If a job task requires high accuracy, GCPs for data collection can be used.