Digitized Farming

Unmanned aerial vehicle applied to farming can help to increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields. This information may prove useful in improving crop yields and farm efficiency.

Agriculture and Forestry Inspection

The traditional way of inspecting crop and judge pest conditions cause too much of time and labour-intensive. By using professional drone, we can quickly inspect crops while mapping and modelling farmland, greatly improving productivity. Moreover, drone with multi-spectral camera use to monitor the growth of crops, making it easy to farmer to access important crop information.

aprofessional drones monitor the growth of crops in real time
agriculture and forest plant protection using drone technology

Agriculture and Forest Plant Protection

Plant protection and fertilization are essential to ensure the healthy growth of crops. However, human spraying is too inefficient and human cost very high. These are not optimal solutions. Agriculture plant protection machine integrates with the latest science and technology, it has high-performance flight control and radar sensing system to escort the reliability of flying, water pump spraying system and the flow sensor make the plant protection operation more precise. With new intelligent spraying planning management platform, we could make plan for job, real-time flight management and job statistics.