Confined Space Inspection

Autonomous Drone System can eliminate human entry in confined spaces to prevent workers getting trouble in the safety issues. Drone is able to reach and inspect the confined space with complicated structure and difficult-to-reach. The drones are available in different physical sizes and can be equipped with several different sensors to conduct visual, thermal and other tests in the confined spaces. The high-resolution sensors are able to get very close to the test area which allow people to sometime gather more detailed information that a human inspector may not be able to obtain.

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Storage Tank Inspection

Safety is paramount in confined space works. As a result of reducing cost pressure and safety concerns, drone solution is introduced to inspect for cracks and corrosion on rafters, walls and roof section during routine maintenance. Drone inspection improve the quality and efficiency of the inspection workflow while reducing inspection costs by performing more through and frequent inspection. With the visual support, it benefits in better maintenance planning and proper documentation of the reports.

MRT Tunnel Inspection

Public transportation is the major component of infrastructure in Singapore, spanning most of the city state providing ease of access and economic contribution to the citizen. Without taking its provision for granted, proper maintenance is necessary to prevent system disruption and unwanted incident. By implementing drone inspection provides visual of hard-to-reach places to inspect the defects such as cracks, pipe obstruction, faulty electrical component and accessing the structural integrity remotely without putting human at risks.

Singapore real estate aerial view