CONSTRUCTION Drone Construction Photography

Real Estate-Aerial Photography

Drone brings unique perspective to prospective customers and Real Estate Agents.

Aerial photography

showcases the property in a new angle; the scale and a 360-visual representation of amenities and views in a way that simple photography just can't do. This allows the prospective customer to experience unique footage of the entire neighbourhood and create an emotional connection.

Application of drone can demonstrate the value of the property. Drone mapping technology allows the property to be pre-measured, generating 3D models, customizing the function of each area, giving prospective customer a more intuitive feel. With this interactive presentation advantage, real estate agents can make their property stand out from the rest.

aerial photography by profesional drone
construction site mapping drone

Construction Site Mapping

Several subcontractors maybe involved in a project and overlapping in work may occurs. Under tight construction schedules, errors may be overlooked, resulting in costly rework or in serious cases – legal proceeding. Drone technology can assist Project Manager to survey the construction site regularly using drone construction photography and monitor the progress from time-to-time without been physically on site.

Building Facade Inspection

Conventional building inspections require manpower to build scaffolding for building exterior and roof inspection. However, setting up a scaffolding can be time-consuming, costly and risky. Drone perfectly solve this issue. It can fly close to the façade and hundreds of high-definition images and 4K videos can be captured. Through high-definition image transmission, inspections of buildings can be conducted in real-time, hidden structural problems can be discovered in advance, making maintenance work more efficiently.

The thermal imaging camera can enhance the efficiency of detection work. It can perform comprehensive data collection, and by identifying potential building issues through thermal imaging analysis, solutions can be applied accordingly

building inspection by drone