Drone 3D Modeling

Posted on 14th Feb 2019

by Admin

drone 3D modeling

Drone 3D Modeling

Drone 3D Modeling is to use the laser scanning with a series of scanners pass. Drone 3D Modeling is to use the laser scanning with a series of scanners pass laser points off of a 3D surface to measure the flight path of the lasers as they return to create a data point cloud. Drone 3D Modeling will be getting more important for clients as the 3D modeling can visualize the building before they start the projects. Drones enable us to capture details, intricacies, and beauty of a structure not easily seen from the ground level. MIRS Innovate Singapore is the specialist to provide Drone 3D Modeling services as MIRS Innovate has the professional production team with full of experience to provide the solutions to our clients. Our fully licensed and insured drone filming teams are able to provide 2D and 3D mapping services to the clients.

Drone 3D Modeling has even been used in Hollywood

Drone 3D Modeling will utilize the data from the drone camera to generate the 3D model. This method of generating a 3D modeling of environment is widely being used in the film movie production and this is why all the movie stars acting in the green or blue screen.

Drone 3D Modeling is cheaper than what you expect

Drone 3D Modeling will not as expensive as what you think. Drone 3D Modeling function addresses an increasing need in the construction industry. Drone mapping services and 3D modeling are getting more time and cost effective due to the latest drone camera technology can save more labour cost to generate the data for the 3D modeling.

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