Drone Course

Mirs Innovate Drone Academy

Mirs Innovate Drone Academy provides professional drone education to impart knowledge and techniques of drone from our qualified drone pilots who experienced more than hundreds of drone projects. We always concentrate on training aspiring pilots to become specialist.

Industrial Drone application Course

Our team has more than two years of teaching experience in the Drone Education Industry. They have deep understanding of drone teaching methods and are good translating complex drone systems to easy-to-understand languages, allowing students to master the relevant knowledge quickly

Professional drone service team. The course allows student to master the skill of flying a drone and familiarised themselves with relevant laws and regulations. Guidance and services are provided in professional application fields such as Film-making, television aerial photography, engineering application, and in special industries.

We have flexible teaching time, and quality is guaranteed. Guidance is provided to student in completing the CAAS drone registration process and assisting students in passing drone flight assessments.

drone course singapore allows students to master the flying skills of the drone and familiar with relevant laws and regulations
drone course singapore includes drone assembly and debugging training

Drone assembly and debugging training

The drone system is a complex system. For those who are interested in joining drone industry, understanding the drone system is an indispensable course. Through our drone assembly debugging course, you will be able to master the comprehensive and systematic drone knowledge in a short time.

Our teachers come from the Aircraft manufacturing engineering industry and have more than six years of experience in the drone industry, have been engaged in the drone research and development industry for more than four years, and been in the drone education industry for more than two years. They have profound and complete drone systems knowledge and can provide students with the most professional teaching courses.

Drave data post-processing training

Industrial grade drones offer technical services to Buildings, Infrastructure, and the environment. In the drone industry, aerial shooting is the first part of the application, the second part deals with the data collected which is particularly important. The result of data processing will directly affect the success or failure of the project, so study in the post-data processing is equally important.

drone course singapore has professional and practical drones post-processing data training