Drone Photogrammetry

Posted on 1st Feb 2019

by Admin

drone photogrammetry

Drone Photogrammetry is increasing rapidly.  Aerial surveying using drone is very cost effective as compare to hiring an aircraft using photogrammetry equipment.

With the collaboration of drone with GPS, digital cameras and powerful computers system, the survey job become more efficient. The output from photogrammetry is typically a map, a drawing or a 3D model of some genuine object or terrain.

There are two type of photogrammetry either in oblique photography of using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). Oblique photography is to overlap photos of an object or land with the use of UAV accommodate with waypoint navigation technology.  Drone LiDAR comprises 3D laser scanner which mounted on the drone to do the measurement of the height of points in the landscape. The accuracy of the measurements allows the 3D models to be used in planning, design, decision making process across many industries. Besides, LiDAR sensor also can pierce dense canopy and vegetation, can capture bare earth structure which satellites cannot see.

Drone Photogrammetry – aerial imagery:

1.       DEM (Digital Elevation Models) / DTM (Digital Terrain Models) / DSM (Digital Surface Models)

2.       DOM (Digital Orthophoto Map)

3.       3D architectural Modelling

4.       Volumetric / Quantity Survey

5.       Plane metric features (road edges, building footprints, heights, signs etc)


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