Thermal Imaging

The thermal imaging camera can enhance the efficiency of detection work. It can perform comprehensive data collection, and by identifying potential building issues through thermal imaging analysis, solutions can be applied accordingly.

Water Seepage & Leakage Inspection

Leaks are to be addressed as quick as possible when it was happened for obvious costs and environmental reasons.The ideal solution to inspect the building water leakage & seepage is to use drones to take clear architectural thermal imagery. The water leakage and seepage can be easily analysed and identified from the thermal images as the leakage part will be shown in blue color.

Customers can do a report by using the data and information of thermal images in order to accurately know the state of your installations. This report can also be a valid supporting document for operation and maintenance teams to address the critical leaks.

Seepage & Leakage inspection by using Thermal Imaging
solar panel inspection

Solar Panel Inspection

Thermal imaging has revolutionized the capabilities for solar operators to identify panels that are malfunctioning, cracked, or dirty by monitoring large areas in real-time. As thermal imaging has become more accessible on new drones, drones can provide an instant heat map to helps workers quickly identify problem areas instead of manually searching for “a needle in a haystack”. Drones produce maps with half-of-a-centimeter-per-pixel resolution, meaning that surveyors can spot even the most minute details. These maps eliminate inefficient working hours from the inspection workflow, transforming a commonly resource-draining process, and making it easier to keep solar panels running at peak efficiency.

Oil and Gas Inspection

Thermal imaging can be used to detect leaks, spills, and damages that may cause spillage and environmental degradation. Equipping the drones with the correct sensors allows them to provide visual inspections of both the internal and external surfaces. The regular inspection can help to identify the direction of the spillages or gas leaks will help evacuate or keep people away from potential toxic and fire risks. Drone with Thermal imaging will be useful for the maintanance team to ensure the oil and gas facilities in the good condition.