News and Film

In the past, helicopters are hired by Media company for Aerial Photography. However, this is both costly and time-consuming. As compared to using helicopter, drone is much easy to operate, hiring cost is lower and are easily accessible. For instance, if a project required high quality images or videos, a drone equipped with high-definition camera can captured high resolution images and 4K videos. Integrated with HDMI interface, videos can also be broadcast directly through livestreaming.

drone equipped with a professional camera used in media
performances and shows by drones

Performances and shows

Drones not only present a grand aerial perspective but through its flexible 3D motion capabilities, unimaginable ideas can be explored. Drones can be used to perform a variety of aerial shows, and to serve as protagonists of the show to lighten the mood of the audiences. Flight route can be pre-programmed to perform various forms of flying performance such as drone ballet or drone formation.