The MIRS-XL200 Tethered Power System adapts to the DJI M200 Series and the Inspire 2 Infrared Platform, which converts single-phase or three- phase AC power into DC high voltage and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power cable. Powering the aircraft. With the use of the backup battery, it can work continuously for 8 hours and longer flight hours on the basis of ensuring safe flight.

The MIRS-XL200 mooring power system consists of two parts: the onboard power supply and the hand-integrated retractable line machine. Among them, the hand-integrated retractable line machine is highly integrated with ground power, high-performance power supply cables and automatic retractable line devices. High integration provides portability, and the 0-100-meter cable's automatic take-up and take-up functions ensure that the tethered system can be quickly deployed and retracted, while also reducing cable impact and bending. It is an effective device for protecting cables.

Product Specifications:

Onboard Power Supply
Dimensions< 120*88*62mm
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Shell MaterialAviation aluminium alloy
Weight<350 g
Power1.5 kw
Rated Input Voltage300-400 VDC
Rated Output Voltage24±1.2 VDC
Main Rated Output Current62.5 A
Output Noise + Ripple≤200 mV*
Load Regulation1.5%
Voltage Regulation1.5%
Adjustment Rate Accuracy1.5%
Overcurrent ProtectionOutput current is greater than 70a, automatic protection of onboard power supply
Overvoltage Protection420v
Output short circuit protectionThe output short-circuit automatic protection, the short-circuit current is less than the rated 200%, and automatically returns to normal after the fault is removed.
Over temperature protection80 ℃
Ground Power System
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Flammability Rating>V0
Weight<22kg (including cable)
PowerRated 2.5 kw, peak 3 kw
Rated Input Voltage220 VAC+10%
Rated operating frequency50/60 hz
The output voltage300-410 VDC
Input maximum current12A (input voltage 220 VAC rated load)
Input maximum inrush current14A (input voltage 220 VAC rated load)