Project Progress Monitoring

Job Site Documentation is important for every contractor. It allows the contractor to share the state of the project progress to the clients and stakeholders. For the site progress monitoring, drone becomes the perfect tool which can provide the entire aerial perspectives and come along with the accurate visual data. It was not only can save time and money, also able to improve communication of the job and increase safety.

To ensure that the proposed improvements at the construction site are processing as required based on the contract and agreement. Regular construction progress monitoring report can cover status of work, description and analysis of qualifiable data as unparalleled data provide holistic and credible documentation.

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20-megapixel Aerial Images serve a crucial function for the project managers, civil engineers, builders or even developers. From project start to completion, aerial images with same location, height and angle deliver the data that project managers need to keep timelines intact, stay within budget and make sure investors are pleased with every detail.

Upon completion of project, we transfer all the aerial images into time-lapse video which allows site person in charge to present the overall changing of the building or landscape in whole construction period.


4K Ultra HD Raw Video Recording in the Construction site, it can record hourly raw video for the entire footage in movement view. Recording video can use for project performance as well as documentation usage.

Upon completion of the project, clients can engage us to provide post processing Full HD 1080p video to include corporate logo, music, subtitles and even voice over to describe the entire Construction process.


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