Search and rescue

Every second counts when come to the search and rescue work, it requires highly efficient and responsiveness team. We employed state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology with thermal camera and integrated with gimbal design make search and rescue faster and more efficient. Thermal imaging cameras can break through light and environmental constraints, and easily identify search targets even in dark, smoke, or trees. Significantly improve efficiency of SAR.

drone photography improve search and rescue efficiency
drone help firefighters explore the source of fire


Drones can help firefighters quickly detect the source of fire and conduct real-time monitoring of the fire scene in safe area. The thermal imaging cameras allow the fire brigade to clearly observe the path of the fire spread and assess the buildings or areas that may be in risk. Provide timely information to commander for effective on-site decisions. Firefighters can use infrared images to identify hidden hot spots and fire sources in smoke. Professional drones provide longer flight times, so the fire brigade can monitor the site environment in more detail and get more information.

Disaster relief

Drones not only play an important role in search and rescue, but also in disaster relief observations. It can be use to identify areas where emergency relief is needed, give accurate feedback to governments and aid agencies, assist them to efficiently deploy rescue workers and food supplies to save lives. In post-disaster reconstruction,

drone photography

can be used to produce 3D maps, 3D modeling, and orthophoto maps to accurately measure damaged areas and level of damaging. Assist government in rebuild work. Compared with the pre-disaster map, it can help the affected area to restore its original appearance.

drone photography used in disaster relief