Site Survey & Mapping

The drone application in Site Survey & Mapping Services will be able to generate a 3D models of construction site which can assist construction management to understand for the whole picture and create a better strategic to increase the standard and reduce the cost.

Construction Site Mapping

Surveying drones are becoming increasingly prominent in the construction industry due to their efficient, accurate, and relatively safe ability to map job sites. Regardless of the vertical, you can similarly perform surveys of sites to pinpoint hazardous areas to establish safeguards before any crew steps foot on a site. Drone technology can assist Project Manager to survey the construction site regularly and monitor the progress from time-to-time without been physically on site.

Construction site mapping

Project Schedule Management

In construction process, all the developers, consultants and contractors required accurate project progress and it is difficult to monitor the progress of project construction in conventional observation methods. Through the perspective views from drone, it is easy to get the progress of the entire project.

3D Modeling

Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM) is a raster image made by merging orthophotos such as aerial or satellite photographs which have been transformed to correct for perspective so that they appear to have been taken from vertically above at an infinite distance.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) provides a bare earth representation of terrain or surface topography. It is useful for the designs of railroad, highways, transmission cable as it will have the calculation of area, volume and slope for various project.

Digital Surface Model (DSM) refers to a ground elevation model that includes object heights on the surface such as buildings, bridges, and trees. It can be used to monitor the urban plan and growth of forest.

Digital orthonomic map