Aerial Survey & Mapping Services

Posted on 7th Jan 2019

aerial mapping services, aerial survey services

In the measurement industry, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for mapping purposes is becoming increasingly popular.

With a range of benefits, we need to sincerely thanks to relatively recent advances in technology development, the professional surveyors are relying on drones to carry out a variety of different surveying tasks, from ultra-high definition imagery to line-of-sight and condition surveys. Here are five of the primary benefits of using UAVs for aerial surveys.

1. Accuracy

Fast developments in UAV and camera innovation over the previous decade, has empowered automatons to use cameras that can shoot up to 5.2k goals pictures and video. The more noteworthy pixel thickness guarantees that the general precision of airborne reviews is augmented. Just as this, advanced new adjustment procedures enable automatons to catch ultra-superior quality pictures in testing climate conditions. With the unwavering quality and consistently expanding predominance of GPS, particularly continuous kinematic or RTK, consolidated into certain automatons' product, generally exactness is one of the automaton's most grounded advantages. At the point when exactness is hitched together with other intrinsic favorable circumstances, rambles become an exceptionally alluring recommendation for any ethereal study. This is why aerial survey services are getting popular in mining, construction & agriculture sectors.

2. Health & Safety

Drones are ideal tools to capture data in compromised, dangerous or sensitive environments, to minimize the risk to the surveying professional piloting the drone and indeed the public. All data is captured easily from the aerial view, with limited health and safety concerns. This in turn reduces planning time and negates the need for extensive health and safety considerations, providing a quicker turnaround for the project as a whole. Aerial survey services from professional drone company like MIRS Innovate will perfectly drone the job and generate a satisfied outcome for clients.

3. Access any subject

Simply by their nature, Drone make it easier than ever before to access hard to reach locations. With a pre-planned flightpath, or the skills of an experienced pilot, drones can be autonomous flying and access towers, masts, roofs, tall buildings and wind turbines with ease and with excellent results. Remote access and up to 30x zoom from the drone’s optics enables the thorough inspection of any subject. 

4. Speed

Thanks to the flexibility of drones, very large areas of land can be covered in a short amount of time. Pre-planned flightpaths also contribute to the sheer speed a drone survey can be completed in. This reduces time taken from initial planning, through to the final data processing and end product delivery, thus ensuring customer satisfaction in time sensitive projects. Aerial survey services can help clients to process everything, so that clients do not need to worry about the workflow.

5. Cost savings

With generally low overheads and altogether diminished costs when contrasted with earthbound, light air ship and helicopter overviews, rambles open new skylines and new points of view concerning what is conceivable and moderate in the elevated review discipline. Viewpoints that were never attainable without immense expenses and operational contemplations are presently well inside the compass of the present looking over experts. This is on account of the generally reasonable and progressively exact yield of airborne study rambles.

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