What is 360 panorama

360 panorama refers to a panoramic photography technology that can capture all scenes within a certain range and combine them into a complete, interactive 360-degree panoramic image. It can provide a more realistic and immersive experience, making the audience feel like they are in the scene being filmed.

Achieving a 360 panorama requires the use of special cameras or equipment that can take multiple images simultaneously and stitch them together to create a single panoramic image. These images can be processed and edited with special software so that users can view and interact with them on computers, smartphones, VR headsets, and more.

360 panoramas has been widely used in tourism, real estate, education, sports, media and advertising, and other fields. Users can browse and explore various places, buildings, and attractions without leaving home.

Advantages of 360 panoramas:

Immersive experience: 360 panoramas provides a more realistic immersive experience, allowing users to feel that they are in the scene being photographed. This experience can better attract users' attention and increase user engagement.

Interactivity: Users can browse and interact freely in the panoramic image, and can zoom in, zoom out, rotate and switch perspectives, etc., so as to better understand the scene being shot.

All-round display: 360 panoramas can display all the corners and details of the scene being shot so that users can fully understand the scene being shot.

Advantages of 360 panoramas:

Improve brand image: Enterprises can use 360 panoramas in marketing and advertising to showcase the company's products and services and improve brand image and popularity.

Improve efficiency: 360 panoramas can capture and display a large amount of information in a short period of time, which can reduce on-site inspections and personnel deployment of enterprises and institutions, and improve work efficiency.

Reduced costs: Compared with on-site inspections and personnel deployment, 360 panoramas can be displayed and promoted more widely at a lower cost.

Why choose us

High Quality Shooting service: 360 panoramic platforms can provide professional shooting service, using special cameras or equipment to capture 360 panoramic images.

Fast Post-production services: 360 panorama platform can provide post-production services, using special software and technology to edit and process 360 panorama images to ensure the high quality and smoothness of the images.

Stable Hosting service: 360 panorama platform can provide hosting service, allowing users to upload 360 panoramic images to the platform and store them in the cloud, so that users can access and share images anytime and anywhere.

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