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MIRS Innovate is the pioneer and leading drone show provider in Singapore. We are a dedicated team of drone pilots and technologist who can help you tell your story through a drone light show. We work closely with our clients and the authorities to ensure that the best outcome of the drone show is being achieved, putting a smile on everyone.

Our drone shows are developed and created using sophisticated designing and programming platform which ensures a precise and safe execution of a drone formation flight in both an outdoor and indoor environment. We use the latest technologies and software which offers our clients multiple touchpoints for inputs.


Leave a memorable and remarkable experience for your guest with a drone light show! It is a perfect choice for audiences of all ages.

We believed that there should be no restrictions on your creativity. A drone light show can be utilized on various occasions and is not restricted to, festivals, product launches, corporate functions, concerts, celebrations, anniversaries, commemorative events.

drone course singapore allows students to master the flying skills of the drone and familiar with relevant laws and regulations
drone course singapore includes drone assembly and debugging training


It would typically take approximately 1 – 2 months of planning before every drone show.


2.Development, Design & Acquisition of Permit

3.Live Testing

4.Actual Show

Contact us if you have a story to tell and we will take care of the rest!