We Create Drone Light Show

Posted on 27th Jul 2020

by Admin

drone light show

Drone light show combines perfectly with laser and smoke effects, dancing and musical performances.

It is a great addition for sport and cultural events of any scale.


Drone light shows can be operated for theme parks, concerts, special events, opening ceremonies. Onetime events, music videos or permanent shows. Drone Light Show is a great marketing tool in this digital century. Once your company decided to approach Drone Light Show in Singapore, all the social media and news will be talking about this event


We are one of the CAAS approved companies in Singapore. We have operated our drone light shows with our experienced teams by creating spectacular spectacles in the sky near you.


1.    Drone Light Show Experience

We have been creating drone light show events for corporate events, concerts, festivals, video and film production and theme parks globally.

2.    We handle everything in Drone Light Show

From the design of your drone light show, permits, location, programming, music, and show execution, we do everything for your drone light show. You can just simply let us know what’s your idea in your mind and we will help your idea become reality.

3.    How long does drone light show take?

Custom drone light shows can take between 2 – 5 months for most shows, the timeline will be based on the difficulties of the graphics and the movement of the drones. Do email us your ideas and we can discuss in an earlier time.



We know it probably is your first time with drones and we want to make it simple, creative and fun for you to work with us. Find out more on our website or from our YouTube channel.


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