Drone services company in Singapore

Posted on 19th Feb 2019

drone services companies

Why you need drone services companies?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in a variety of industries. As Drone services are getting more and more important nowadays, MIRS Innovate is one of the best drone services companies in Singapore. The reason why the drone services are important in Singapore is the drone services can be used and applied in different purpose such as Videography for Advertising, building inspection, construction inspection etc. We do have the strong portfolio in producing Drone Videography, Photography, Drone Construction Inspection 3D Mapping and Modeling. MIRS Innovate have a professional drone services team to perform and provide the best quality services to our clients. A lot of customers are trusted in our company as we can fulfill their requirements and we do have the license and permit in order to fly our drone within the regulation.

On the other hand, MIRS Innovate has cooperated with different main event organizers such as Run for Hope 2019 etc. as more and more events not only Sport will also apply drone services during the event time. Drones have been beneficial in capturing pictures of high-value properties, showing that even the real estate industry can be upended by drone technology. Therefore, real estate industry in Singapore has widely used the drone services to do the inspection and video for introduction and the cost of drone services is good for them.

We provide End-To-End Commercial Drone Services For Your Business or Project. We dramatically improve efficiency across multiple industries such as construction ( drone building inspectiondrone infrastructure inspection , etc) , Industrial (industrial drone inspection) , Real Estate(real estate drone photography services) , Agriculture and Emergency services.

To find more about MIRS Innovate, please click  www.mirs-innov.com or contact us at +65 67182230.