500 Drones Forming Gigantic Hovering QR Code

Posted on 4th Jan 2022

Hundreds of drones appeared in the night sky, putting up a dazzling light show


A new era starts here!

To end the year on a high note, we helped GrabPay to launch the Drone & Light Show - a dazzling display of technology and creativity.
500 drones took to the sky, just to delight and reward users with up to 10,000 GrabRewards points!

Prior to every show, checklists are used to make sure everything is in good order:

drones are fully operational,
batteries are charged,
and the flight area is clear and free from any possible electromagnetic interference.

Once these checks are done, the pilot presses GO and the drones take off on their mission! 

We are still at the beginning of a new and exciting medium of live entertainment. Stay tuned! It’s going to be a fantastic ride.

Happy Holiday Fam!

MIRS Innovate team

Contact: +65 6718 2231
Email: mirs@mirs-innov.com
Website: https://www.mirs-innov.com/drone-light-show