Professional Repair Services

Based in Singapore, MIRS Innovate has drone repair specialist who are certified by DJI and is part of a network of DJI-authorised businesses that provides a suite of comprehensive support and repair services for DJI products.

Our technicians are certified by DJI and have always been completing regular training and assessment conducted by DJI. You can be assured that you are receiving the best repair service provided by qualified and experienced professionals.

drone repair

DJI Drones

We provide diagnosis, maintenance, and repair to the following DJI drones, but not limited to:

– Mavic Series (Mavic Air / Mavic Mini / Mavic 2 Pro / Mavic 3 Classic / Mavic 3)

– Phantom Series (Phantom 4 / Phantom 4 Pro / Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 / Phantom 4 RTK)

– Inspire Series (Inspire 1 / Inspire 2)

– Matrice Series (Matrice 200 / Matrice 300 / Matrice 600)

Process Flow

Get in touch

You may email us at with attached photos of your drone. Our staff will review your request and send you an email with instructions on how to send your drone to our certified service centre.


Upon receiving your drone, our DJI certified technicians will proceed with a detailed analysis of your equipment.

Diagnosis & Quote

Our DJI certified technicians will provide a diagnosis to the problem and our sales team will contact you with an estimated cost for repair. The quote will include parts, labour, and shipping fees. In the event where we deem that the repair cannot be performed by us, we will offer to send the equipment back to DJI Global in China.


Upon the acceptance of the quotation and received the payment, our DJI certified technicians will proceed with the repair. Under certain circumstances, we may need to acquire the spare parts from DJI HQ in China upon receiving your confirmation, the servicing duration would require approximately 2 to 3 weeks (under the condition of full spare parts availability and the lead-time may differ depending on the repair capacity at the time of receiving all parts).


After the completion of the repair, our DJI certified technicians will perform a comprehensive test and quality check to ensure that the condition of your drone is in full working order.


Lastly, our sales teams will contact you and you may collect your drone from us.

*For your information, all complete maintenance services performed in our service centre is accompanied with a 1-month service warranty, this warranty date commences immediately after the completion of this servicing which can be also the date of the collection.

Our DJI Drone Repair Certification

Our maintenance engineers have participated in professional maintenance training for DJI industry products and obtained DJI maintenance certificates. We can provide professional repair and maintenance services for our customers' drones.

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