As a pioneering UATO (Unmanned Aircraft Training & Assessment Organisation) in Singapore, we provide drone pilot license training for the general public. Our courses are conducted by our trainers with more than 6 years of experience providing professional drone services. Our proven track record since the existence of UA Pilot License (UAPL) framework by CAAS has enabled our clients to entrust us in training their drone pilots.

From conducting basic progress monitoring projects to the complicated swarm drone operations, we can impart the essential and practical experience that will prepare you for your drone flight

With effect from 1 February 2021, users who operate their UA under the following conditions are required to obtain a UA Pilot Licence (UAPL):

• For commercial purpose, or for a purpose that is neither recreational nor educational, regardless of the UA weight; or

• For either recreational or educational purposes and with a UA of total weight exceeding 7kg.

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What is UA Pilot Licence (UAPL)?

The UA Pilot License (UAPL) is a license required for individuals who operate Unmanned Aircraft (UA) under specific conditions. Users are obligated to obtain a UAPL in the following scenarios:

Commercial Purpose - or for a purpose that is neither recreational or educational , regardless of the UA Weight;

What is the process to obtain UAPL?

Before obtaining the UA Pilot License, the individuals are required to undergo the practical training. Here are the process that you are required to process

• Attend a training course by CAAS-approved UA Training and Assessment Organisation (UATO).

• Take the theory test administered by CAAS.

• Undergo a practical assessment conducted by an Authorized Flight Examiner (UA), who is part of our organization, UATO, upon passing the theory test.

• Upon passing the practical assessment, the examiner will take about 2 working days to submit the result.

• Apply for the license through the CAPELS portal, await digital license approval by CAAS, which takes approximately 5 working days.


Where will be the training course conducted?

Theory course and indoor simulator training will be conducted at our air conditioned classroom in Tai Seng and outdoor practical training will be conducted at Kallang Kampong Bugis Road Field.

What is the instructor to trainee ratio?

1:12 for theory courses and 1:3 for practical training.

Is the UA be provided during training course?

Absolutely yes, the Unmanned Aircraft Training & Assessment Organisation(UATO) will provide Unmanned Aircraft for those individual who registered for the training course

What is the meaning of UA#1, UA#2, UA#3 within Class A UAPL?

Every UA# will have different meaning, for example ;

UA#1 refers to all types of Multi-rotor UA less than 7kg;

UA#2 refers to all types of Multi-rotor UA from 7kg up to 25kg and,

UA#3 refers to all types of Helicopter up to 25kg.


Where will be the practical assessment conducted?

Practical assessment will be conducted at Kallang Kampong Bugis Road Field.

Is the UA be provided for practical assessment?

Yes, the UATO will provide UA.

What If I failed the Practical Assessment?

If you fail the Practical Assessment, you will have the opportunity to retake the same Practical Assessment at another date. This allows you to address any areas of improvement and try again to successfully complete the assessment.

Where to apply for Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Licence (UAPL)?

Through Civil Aviation Personnel Licensing System (CAPELS) portal.

What is the validity of the UAPL?

UAPL is valid for 4 years after which you would have to take a Proficiency Check to extend its validity for a further 4 years.