Tethered Drone System

Seepage & Leakage inspection by using Thermal Imaging

A tethered drone system uses a permanent physical link such as flexible wire or cable to provide power or communications to the drone. It usually provides up to 20 - 80 meters of operational altitude depend on the drone model, with the limitation which the ability of the drone to support the weight of the tether. The ground station of a drone tethered system will supply power to the drone and its payloads with a connection to the power generator.

Drone top roof inspection

Singapore has set the “No-Fly” zones at 2 mains airport – Seletar Airport and Changi Airport. To fly drone 5km within the boundaries of these 2 airports are strictly not allowed. However, Tethered Drone has solved this problem in “No-Fly” zone. Tethered drone come with micro-tether line which attached to the drone and powered by ground battery system with no onboard batteries during the drone flight. The main reason is to avoid the drone fly away remotely or malfunction during operation.

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