Confined Space Inspection

Autonomous Drone application would eliminate human entry into confined spaces, improving the safety of the inspection works. The drone can operate in difficult-to-reach areas and confined spaces to perform an inspection. The drones come in various sizes and can be equipped with several unique sensors to conduct a visual inspection, perform thermal imaging tasks and other various tests. The high-resolution sensors enable the drone to fly close to the test area which allows the gathering of more detailed information that a human inspector may not pick up.

Vessel Tank Inspection

The use of a drone for a vessel tank inspection allows the inspector to perform a detailed and comprehensive check on the various parts of the vessel. As compared to the conventional methods, the use of technology greatly enhances the safety and time aspect of the inspection. An inspector would not be required to physically get to the site to perform the inspection, thus, reducing the amount of time spent.

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Storage Tank Inspection

Safety is paramount in confined space works. Commercial storage tank inspection requires a massive amount of capital, time and logistical planning; safety, equipment, training, etc. The availability of a drone solution enables the maintenance crew to inspect for cracks and corrosion on rafters, walls and roof section during routine maintenance with ease. Furthermore, using a drone for an inspection improves the quality, efficiency and the workflow while reducing inspection costs as it can perform a more frequent and thorough check. With the visual evidence, it enables better maintenance planning and proper documentation of the reports.

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Ship Inspection

Capesize cargo ships sailing at sea for a long period and transport goods worth millions of dollars will be very dangerous in the event of any accidental and losses, so regular inspection of cargo ships will be crucial. In the past, cargo ships were only inspected using scaffolding or manual methods. It is very unefficient, and also very dangerous for the workers to work in the confined spaces environment for a long duration. With teh latest drone technologies, the cargo ship can be fast inspected, and high-definition photos and videos can be taken for future record purposes. More detailed inspections can be carried out on site, through the drone video and photos captured, it also allow for more detailed inspection reports as drone can cover whole carge tank, which can be used to manage the lifespan of the cargo ship.

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