Aerial Mapping Drone

Posted on 29th Jan 2019

aerial mapping drone

Why Do We Need Drone Services?

There is a ‘MUST’ in construction site.

In the previous time, aerial mapping drone services were not commonly being used in construction industries. Therefore, the developers and contractors could waste their time to discover and inspect the entire area and increase their budget and cost for this at the same time.

MIRS innovate is one of the drone surveying company in Singapore provides the perfect solution for surveying topographic and mapping drones. The topographic surveys will be done in minutes by using our autonomous flight modes with any supported drone, so you can clearly understand the value of the area and work out a better construction planning by collecting the accurate data of the land area.

In the meanwhile, aerial mapping drone services can let the buyers to know the actual value of the land before they win the bid from an auction. The aerial mapping drone will capture the every couple inches of the area which could help to identify the hidden obstacles, so the developers can evaluate the value of the land and consider winning the bid with a reasonable price.

The use of aerial mapping drone services will definitely affect the tremendous cost savings as it could directly comes down to a matter of man-hours. A survey team placing a point every three minutes would need 80 hours to complete the job. Aerial mapping drone services undoubtedly will save more time which means that it can save cost per hour of labor and the additional time could be used for mapping, drawings or other data processing compared to the traditional survey team.

Drone technology nowadays has been widely using in different industries especially in construction side as it is getting more important in obtaining accurate data within a short time from the aerial mapping drone.

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