Aerial Videography - 2days/14 Hours

$899.00$599.00(Incl. GST)

Interested in flying drones to capture stunning aerial videos? Look no further, this course is for you! Discover and enhance your aerial videography skill while flying the latest DJI drones available in the market.

We are an Approved UATO by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), this course sets the foundation for individuals who are keen in aerial videography, or seeking relevant job with this newly acquired skill in the current ever growing drone industry.

Upon successful completion, Aerial Videography E-Certificate (Beginner) by MIRS would be issued.


2 Modules

scalable icon Theory of drone system in aerial videography

  • Understanding Photography
    • Exposure
    • Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
  • Drone Features and Comparison
  • Flight Modes available for Aerial Videography
  • Baseline Settings
  • Gimbal Movement and Settings
  • Flight Patterns and Techniques to Master
    • Pull Away
    • Gentle Rise
    • Panorama
    • Weave
    • Follow
    • Reveal

scalable icon Apply learnt skills and technique into practical use

  • Actual drone flying (GPS Mode) to practice Videography Techniques
    • Capturing landscape footages
    • Capturing footages with motion


2 Modules

scalable icon Theory of Post-processing software in video production

  • Understand the use of post processing software for video editing and its enhancing effects
    • Video Editing
      • Sequence
      • Video effects - Key frame, Scaling, Capacity & Opacity
      • Video transitions
    • Audio Pairing
      • Audio effects
      • Audio Transitions
    • Colour Correcting
      • White Balance
      • Tone
      • Saturation
    • Colour Grading
      • Adjustment Layer
      • Creative
      • Curves

scalable icon Post video production

  • Apply learnt knowledges and skills with your captured video clips in video production


Individuals with or without prior experiences in videography and Unmanned Aircraft flying are welcome!


Applicants must be at least 16 years old.


Hustle free! All the equipment and software will be provided! Just come over and learn the best technology and bring home your piece of art with our free USB thumb drive.