Basic Flying Course (complimentary UABT cert)

$329.00$279.00(Incl. GST)

There are 2 Modules.

We impart basic yet comprehensive drone systems knowledge, and help you build up a good foundation in drone flying with GPS mode.

With the CAAS Unmanned Aircraft Basic Training (UABT) certificate, it allows you to fly legally with drones weigh 1.5–7 kilograms for recreational or education purposes.

Online E-learning CAAS UABT Course (complete at your own convenience)

scalable icon Introduction

    • General knowledge of drones
    • Introduction to the categories of drone
    • Understand basic aeronautical and technical knowledge of various drone components and systems

scalable icon CAAS UA Regulations

    • Understand CAAS Air Navigation Act (ANA), Air Navigation Requirements (ANR) -101 and other associated advisory circulars related to UA operations.
      • General Air Law and legislation
      • Permits for recreational, educational or business purposes
      • Awareness of Singapore No-Fly zones
      • Registration of drone

scalable icon Operation and Performance

    • Operate UA safely by adopting the required safety procedures and understanding how human performance affects safe operations of UA.
      • Drone safety and operation
      • Human performance

Hands-on Session with Trainer

scalable icon Hands-on Session

    • Pre-flight check and set-up
    • Take-off
    • Hover
    • Basic maneuvers
    • Plan a mission and execute autonomous flight (Basic mapping)
    • Abnormal and emergency procedures
    • Introduction to basic photography/videography
    • Landing


Individuals with or without prior experiences in Unmanned Aircraft flying are welcome!


Applicants must be at least 16 years old.


Complimentary CAAS UABT Certificate