What is the price of Corporate Video Production

Posted on 3rd Mar 2020

corporate video

What is the price of making a corporate video production? The production of a corporate video is a powerful marketing tool for company to enhance their image and explore their branding. While affirming the effect of the corporate videos, the charging price standards are the focus point of customer’s attention. Many clients will do well market research before making a corporate video, including general information about fees but it is difficult to get a unify quote. How does the corporate video production set the charging price standard of corporate video? The editor of the corporate video production company will secretly   introduce you at below:

First, due to the corporate video need to be planned according to the needs of the enterprise, it is difficult to determine a standard price for the corporate video. Moreover, the price of the promotional videos will be charged according to the relevant production requirements raised by the customers, such as drone filming, add on animation, numbers of filming locations, interview style video etc. The corporate video standard depends on the price that client invest.

Secondly, the production of corporate video is divided into three parts, 1. Pre-production (pre-planning), 2. Production (mid-term shooting) and 3. Post-production (editing). Content planning (video storyboard) usually requires the creativity of planners, while mid-range shooting requires the professionalism of director of videographer and photographer, and the ultimate achievement in film quality is based on professional post-production team. In these three sections, the investment of manpower, equipment and site rent needs to be counted as expenses. If customers request to produce a high-end corporate video like TVC, there will be a big gap between the charges and the ordinary charges.

Last but not least, the charging rate for corporate video price also needs to be related to the video length and difficulties of video production. Appropriate length of time will make the corporate video more outstanding. It is not only can maintain the audience's desire to watch, but also maximize the effect of the corporate video, so that the company's impression is deeply rooted in audience's hearts and bring in the marketing value and branding to the company.

The above are the three main factors that affect the cost of making a corporate video, and I hope it do helps you. If you have any further needs for corporate video production for your company, please feel free to contact MIRS (amy@mirs-innov.com) or call us at +65 6718 2230, we will provide you with professional services.