Navigating the Skies: Do You Need a Drone License to Fly in Singapore?

Posted on 8th Dec 2023

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In this era of technologies, drones have become increasingly popular for both recreational and professional use which offer enthusiasts and businesses a new perspective from the skies. But in Singapore, the big question is whether you need a drone license to fly.  So, let's dig into the rules for using drones in Singapore and find out if getting a drone license is a must.


Understanding Singapore's Drone Regulations:

Before taking to the skies with your drone, it's important to be well-versed in Singapore's regulations governing unmanned aerial vehicles. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) oversees the management of airspace and has established the guidelines to ensure the safe and responsible use of drones.Here is the few key regulations, 

Drone Registration:

  • All drones with a weight of 250 grams or more must be registered with the CAAS.

  • Registration is mandatory for both recreational and commercial drone users.

According to CAASIt is an offense to operate an unregistered UA with a total weight of above 250 grams in Singapore. If the user fails to comply with registration, they could face a fine of up to $10,000, or imprisonment not exceeding 6 months, or both.

Drone Operator Permit:

  • For drones weighing 7 kilograms or more, operators must obtain a Drone Operator Permit (OP) from the CAAS.

  • The OP is a prerequisite for flying drones in certain restricted or dangerous areas.

No-Fly Zones:

  • Certain areas, such as airports and military installations, are designated as no-fly zones.

  • Flying a drone in these restricted areas is strictly prohibited.

Before operating unmanned aircraft (UA) in Singapore, it is strongly recommended for operators to utilize OneMap, a comprehensive application designed specifically for UA users

The Need for a Drone License:

       Recreational Drone Users:

  • For drones weighing below 1.5kg, a drone license is not mandatory for recreational use.

  • However, adherence to registration and operational guidelines is essential.

  • Commercial Drone Operators:

    • Individuals or businesses using drones for commercial purposes, regardless of the drone's weight, are required to obtain a UA Pilot Licence from the CAAS.

    • The UAPL ensures that commercial operators possess the necessary knowledge and skills to operate drones safely.

Benefits of Obtaining a Drone License:

  • Legal Compliance:

    • Having a drone license ensures compliance with Singapore's aviation regulations, avoiding potential legal issues and penalties.

  • Enhanced Safety Awareness:

    • License holders undergo training that enhances their understanding of airspace regulations, safety procedures, and emergency protocols.

  • Access to Restricted Areas:

    • A drone license may grant commercial operators access to certain restricted areas, enabling them to undertake projects in specific locations.


While recreational users may not need a drone license for lighter drones. But, if you're using drones for commercial purposes, it's crucial to follow the rules. Getting the necessary licenses isn't just about following the law – it's also about making sure drones are used safely. As the drone world changes, it's important to stay updated on the rules. By doing so, you can keep enjoying flying your drone while making sure you're being safe and respectful to others sharing the airspace.

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