Drone Building Inspection

Posted on 22nd Jan 2019

drone building inspection

Drone Building Inspection

What drone can help for the inspection?

New technology allows drone provide drone building inspection in an easier and efficiency way to figure out any damage or improve needed for building facades.

Most of the traditional building inspections are carried out by human and it could be risky, tedious and costly. The process of checking out defects, taking photographs and generate out a report could take up to four to six weeks, depending on the building's dimensions.

What can Drone services help for the accurate drone building inspection and reduce the timing and cost?

Drone building inspection services can apply to most of building. Comparing to traditional scaffolding or gondola manual checking methods, drone building inspection service can easily to figure out the defects such as wall cracks, peeling paint and water seepage. Drone building inspection will also be benefit to the lifespan of the façade material.

Drone building inspection only take around 1 weeks to generate report while traditional method needs to take up to 4-6 weeks depending the size of building.

By using the efficiency drone building inspection services, it will encourage building owners to conduct facade inspections more frequently, resulting in a safer environment. Drone building inspection can carry out more comprehensive inspections, especially at areas which are less accessible to workers using gondolas.

Our drone building inspection service are not only on concrete surfaces. We also contain and offer special technique in checking other surfaces such as glass curtain wall to discover the break points in the glass faced. Or aluminium surface, to detect rusty and corrosion.

Drone building inspection included:

  • -       Glass Curtain Wall inspection
  • -       Cracks lines on the building wall
  • -       Peeling paint
  • -       Find out any water seepage
  • -       Find out any bird nest hiding in some corner of the building
  • -       Find out rusty part of the building

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