Drone Construction Inspection

Posted on 23rd Jan 2019

drone construction inspection

Drone Construction Inspection

What are the benefits of using drone construction inspection?

There are 4 main reasons to use drones for construction inspection.

1.   Improved safety -Drone Construction inspection is an important but dangerous business as it will be needed to collect accurate data manually from high risky area such as gas or oil pipelines, power lines, radiation measurement or forestry work. By using high technology drone services, it can provide accurate useful data for professional to analyse for planning without any risk.

2.   Time saving -In using traditional measure method for a larger construction site, it can take several staffs and a long time to collect data in order to get the accurate details. Nowadays, you can use the innovate drone technology to gain back your precious timing. Drone construction inspection will only need to take less than 2 hours to complete the construction inspection and details report will be generate within a week while comparing with traditional manually data collection method which will take around 2 weeks to be done the report.

3.   Productivity for marketing and recording -Using Drone Construction Inspection services, it will provide a HD aerial photography, 3D modelling, Thermal imaging photo etc. to enhance the details and authenticity of the report for management or shareholders. This kind of authenticity aerial photography also benefit to construction marketing in order to attract or fulfil shareholder’s interest.

4.   Higher quality data- Drone Construction Inspection data can be collected, analysed and shared in RTK (Real Time Kinematic) which means there’s no timing delay in results and those professional or management can assess the data and make accurate decision immediately. As this is very important for construction industry to receive accurate valued details data with limited timing and they can start construction work on time.

In conclude, drone construction inspection is an important technological asset in construction industry. The usage of drone construction inspection will only be increase in time as drone can be efficiently collecting accurate authenticity data with a high standard and greatly reducing the risk and increase safety for your team. 

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