Drone Construction Surveying

Posted on 28th Jan 2019

drone construction surveying

Drone Construction Surveying

How Drone Construction Surveying can help?

Drones in construction have made surveying much easier by playing a huge role in making data collection simple. Instead of using human resources, heavy machinery & expensive surveying tools, that produce complex data, you can get the job done in half the time & money, with greater accuracy. Drones can reach high-risk areas and tightly-squeezed in locations that are quite a bit harder to reach with a human crew.

Compared with using new technology drone construction surveying, it will shorten the data collection timing and constructor can analyse the data in office and make proper decision quickly. And the cost of site data collection will be lower than the convention method. Drones in construction can do a great job of hovering over a location that is too dangerous for a worker to get to, and can save lives by monitoring workplace conditions in areas that are very hard to reach

Project Progress Monitoring

Drone construction surveying are efficiency if compared with traditional measure method. And Drone Construction Surveying can regular practice in data collection and processing for bundle of information. Using Drone Construction surveying allows you to have more real-time detailed control over the project, so you can keep track of the progress visually, and achieve closure at perhaps a quicker time than previously estimated.

However, Safety has always been top priority in our work. We conduct pre-flight condition assessment to ensure smooth flight and safe environment. Our pilot obtain operator permit from CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore). As with every job that is tasked upon us, we will also apply for the required activity permit & obtain permission from the relevant authorities before the job is carryout, we are Drone professional, experienced & committed to produce results for any assignment.

We also provide the following services such as

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