Drone could do more than we think

Posted on 3rd Oct 2018

Our common knowledge about drone only used for aerial photography and videography, but you know what drone technology become more and more incredible even exceed what you think it is.

Vincenzo Navanteri who won a Prestigious $20000 for design a futuristic “drone ambulance”. at the 2nd FAI International Drones Conference and Expo held in Lausanne on September 1, 2018 revealed by FAI. Prince Alvaro de Orleans-Borbon Grant was given to Navanteri because of his idea of self-piloting drone ambulance.

According to Navanteri said that he very happy to receive this grant and will use it to develop the idea of self-piloting drone ambulance instead of his own business. The drone ambulance could carry a single person for up to 150km at 110km/h.

We can see that this idea will bring positive effect to society, as it can quickly and easily to deliver patient. Reduce mortality rate.

Based on FAI revealed that Navanteri design highlight include the following,

·         Autonomous (self-piloting) in flight

·         150 km range

·         Maximum speed of 110km/h

·         Maximum altitude 1,000m

·         Carries up to 120 kg

·         Destination set by gps coordinates

·         8 electric-driven propellers

·         Backup batteries

·         On-board cameras and communications system

·         Onboard oxygen supply and medical monitoring.

As an ambulance truck build with wings. Navanteri explained that the drone ambulance mainly uses for rescue and first-aid mission. So, drone ambulance can be operated by trained non-pilot employee, like doctor, as well as frontline relief people. 

In the article, FAI president Frits Brink said that they are happy to give the award to this creative project. Drone ambulance is not just an idea, it can be a realistic too.