Drone in office

Posted on 16th Oct 2018

In past few days, rain god was visiting us almost every day. We could not fly our drone at outdoor due to bad weather. Should we design a rain coat for our drone? So that even raining day we still can fly our drone at outdoor.

Design a rain coat may take some time to build the idea, so before that idea can turn into reality we decided to fly drone in office. Haha. Flying drone in office is not an easy job, you may need a professional guidance from people who has experienced to do it. There are several things need to take notes when fly drone in office, such as space, speed and fly altitude.

The space in office is not as spacious as outdoor, so the flying speed must be slow because there are many obstacle and flying altitude can’t go high. Safety must be your top priority in flying regardless where you fly.

We made a video to show our idea about drone in office.