Drone Repair Services in Singapore

Posted on 9th Sep 2020

Drone repair

Drone Repair Service in Singapore

Want to repair your drone in local Singapore? Here we are, drone repair service company.

We are MIRS INNOVATE PTE LTD, Drone repair company based in Singapore. 

Professional Drone Repair Technician 

Our drone repair technicians are well trained and certified by DJI. Our drone repair engineer has successfully passed the technical skills and repairs examination held by SZ DJU Technology Co Ltd. They are qualified to repair DJI drones and customized drone. 

What kind of drone repair services we can provide?

  1. Drone HD transmission system
  2. Drone Replacement of drone body shell (Top/ Bottom/ landing gear)
  3. Drone Hardware repair 
  4. Drone Electronic Speed Control (ESC) malfunction
  5. Mainboard Repair 
  6. Drone Software upgrade
  7. Drone Crash from height

For more service details, please consult us via 6718 2279 or erica@mirs-innov.com

What Drone model we can do drone repair?

We can repair the below drone models but not limited to that. 

1. Phantom 3 series 

2. Phantom 4 series (Phantom 4/ Phantom 4 Pro/ Phantom 4 Pro V2.0/ Phantom 4 RTK)

3. Mavic series (Mavic 2/ Mavic Pro/ Mavic Mini/ Mavic Air)

4. Inspire service (Inspire 1/ Inspire 2)

5. Matrice series (Matrice 200/ Matrice 300/ Matrice 600)

6. Customised drone (depends on drone model/ system)

What is the price for drone repair?

Drone repair price will be all case by case basis. Drone repair pricing can be involved and affected by any replacement of components. We do offer a FREE drone inspection for your drone and we will provide you a quotation with a drone repair solution. You can decide to continue for drone repairing or you can withdraw and come to pick up your drone. 

Drone Repair Process

First, contact with our drone repair specialist, preliminarily determine the damage of your drone. You can drop us your drone at our office.

01. After receiving the drone for repair, the free inspection report will be issued within 1 – 2 working days. Determine the damaged material and the material price. 

02. Quotation and drone repair solution will be sent to your email. You may consider to go ahead the drone repair service or withdraw. 

03. By having your confirmation on drone repair service, we will process the drone repair. The lead time will be based on the situation of your drone. OR if you would like to withdraw the drone repair service, you may drop by to our office to collect back your drone. 

04. After repairing with testing, client need to settle the payment before we delivery the drone back to you. 

Get in touch with our professional drone repair specialist to give your drone a new life.
Contact us at amy@mirs-innov.com or call us 6718 2230 for more information.