Drone Shooting

Posted on 18th Nov 2021

drone shooting

Drone Videography services able provide a new and fresh perspective to people to see the world. High resolution of photography shooting has been too common and even with mobile phones people can easily take high-quality photos. 

Project Progress Monitoring

Proper documentation, in either the form of a photo or a video, of a job site is essential to every contractor and building firms. 

It enables precise monitoring and sharing of the project's progress with the relevant stakeholders involved. 

With the use of drones, our clients would have access to accurate aerial images and visual data to aid in their planning works and resource management. 

Not only does the efficiency improves, but time, safety and money can also be managed better throughout the entire duration of the project.

Aerial Photography

From the start to completion of the project, the aerial images (up to 20 megapixels) that were taken will deliver the data that project managers would require to keep timelines intact, stay within budget and make sure investors are pleased with every detail.

Upon the completion of the project, we will compile all the aerial images into a time-lapse video. 

Our client will have an overview of the improvements and changes made to the building or landscape during the process of construction.

Aerial Videography

4K Ultra HD Raw Video Recording in the Construction site, it can record hourly raw video for the entire footage in movement view. Recording video can use for project performance as well as documentation usage.

Upon completion of the project, clients can engage us to provide post processing Full HD 1080p video to include corporate logo, music, subtitles and even voice over to describe the entire Construction process.

If you or your company has interested to know more on the professional drone photography or videography services for the construction/ events, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6718 2231 and you may visit our website www.mirs-innov.com to obtain the latest information.