Drone Show

Posted on 29th Dec 2020

by Admin

Drone Show

Drone Show - New performance to replace fireworks. 

Recently we are seeing quite a few shows through the internet or news, those huge productions of 2D and 3D Drone Show in the night sky by huge amount of drone. Drone Show is getting popular nowadays, which apply to multiple events and functions includes wedding party, product launching event, festival, entertainment etc.

Multiple drones equipped with LED lights, all the designs by programmed in order to fly in a coordinated way for a public display. Drone Show - technology that replace fireworks which performed by illuminated, synchronized, and choreographed groups of drones with various aerial formations. All the images can be recreated on the sky by a computer program that turns graphics into flight commands and communicates them to the drones.

A remarkable Drone Show that will create a fun and awe-inspiring technology act that will surely leave a lasting impression on your special event. Providing your engagement with an added enchanting visual element, our stunning aerial drones are sure to impress your guests instantly with the larger-than-life persona that will leave everyone at your event with wide eyes.  

Are you thinking of drone show for your coming event or shows? You may look for us and start planning time in 3 – 4 months period. Few steps below in details planning.

-       To decide what designs and shapes or idea you want to see.

-       Chose the music to be played during the Drone Show

-       We help to create a 2D or 3D simulation of the event, depend on quantity of drones (edits can be made at this stage).

-       A test flight is completed at their facilities (minor edits to the show can be made at this stage).

-       Rehearsal time takes place on-site, the day before the event (the format of the show is locked at this stage - no changes can be made).

Besides this, all the commercial flight in Singapore required drone activity permit from CAAS. The application and approval process will take at least 2 weeks timing.

The duration of Drone Show usually take 8 – 10 mins, 6 -8 shapes or designs will be revealed. There is minimum quantity of 100 drones required to have 3D designs show. The cost will be more depend on the quantity of drone requested.

As a conclusion, with the growing environmental concerns around the fireworks, drone show is a best choice, not only present a more eco-friendly, non-polluting alternatives and can be easily replace in a place compare the fireworks.   If you have interested know more about the Drone Show, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 67182230 or email me at amy@mirs-innov.com