Professional Drone Video Services

Posted on 24th Mar 2020

drone video

Drone video has become the hottest trend in event marketing since the inception of social media. Utilizing drone video footage before, during, and after an event can take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

From indoor conferences to outdoor festivals, drone video can be used for advertising and entertainment purposes for just about any event you host! 

So what can you do with drone video to enhance your event marketing and experience?  


Why Drone Filming?

It’s the filming technique that everyone’s talking about, drone video. But what makes this drone video view of the world so engaging to audiences? Like flying itself in drone video, filming from the air gives your audiences incredible creative freedom. Once minute you can be flying alongside a steam engine seeing a closeup of a passenger sipping tea, the next minute you might be hundreds of feet in the air as the train winds through a dramatic mountain landscape. With aerial filming in drone video really anything is possible. In the past audience’s experiences of aerial photography were generally limited to dramatic Hollywood action sequences or big budget TV commercials.


However, the explosion of drone technology in recent years had made many of these techniques available to a far wider audience. The latest family of drones are able to capture great quality, high resolution images in many different environments, including in areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach. Aerial drone video also presents a great opportunity for brands to elevate the production quality (and consumer engagement) of their corporate video content at limited extra cost.


The two super-unique shots for a drone video

1.    Aerial shots 

Before the use of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial video was to rent a helicopter and licensed pilot, send them up into the air at the perfect moment, and attempt to take some “fast shots.” Plus, you’d have to log your flight plans and get permits with the located city. Not only is this expensive with a seriously high cost to entry for organizations, but it also uses up too much time and resources—while potentially disrupting the integrity of the event itself. 

Drones make drone video a lot simpler, a lot higher quality, and a lot lower of a cost. 

2.    Motion shots

Drone video is especially popular for events that have a lot of fast action, like sporting events via event video. You can get a drone close to the action without getting in the way, and it can move and fly down the court or field right alongside the players. This gets closer than a photographer can, while enabling photographs and videos at the same time.