Elevate Your Knowledge :Did You Know about Drone as a Service (DaaS) in 2024?

Posted on 2nd Jan 2024

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Have you ever heard about Drones as a Service(DaaS)? Drone services are actually known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) encompassing a diverse range of applications across various industries.. These cutting-edge devices can be expertly maneuvered either through remote control or autonomously, guided by meticulously crafted software-controlled flight plans embedded in their advanced systems. 

As we often heard, people use drones for photography and videography purposes. But these services are designed to revolutionize various industries, including agriculture, construction, search and rescue,  industrial inspection,etc. They seamlessly tackle a myriad of tasks such as precise data collection, measurements, event management, and dynamic broadcasting.

Meeting the strict rules for flying drones means companies often need help from experts, making the market for Drone as a Service promising. In Singapore, using drones for commercial purposes requires licensed pilots, and companies without licensed pilots might need services from drone experts.

To operate drones, companies also need knowledge about geography, different drone models, the environment, wireless networks, and technology, including mobile apps and platforms. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is working with industry providers to create drone rules that encourage innovation while keeping people safe and protecting privacy.

Drone service providers focus on tailoring various types of drones to fit what customers need. The skills required can vary depending on the industry. Drones might have different cameras and sensors for taking pictures, recording videos, conducting 2D& 3D Mapping, and multispectral images. Some drones also use software for planning flights, flying them remotely, analyzing data, and ensuring compliance with drone rules. Drones come in different sizes and types, like fixed-wing crafts or single/multi-rotor drones.

While using commercial drones is becoming more common, the technology's usefulness will differ among industries as more ways to use drones are discovered. To offer better value, drone service providers need to pay attention to accurately processing and analyzing data, dealing with large amounts of data, and following rules for data use. They also have to handle concerns like businesses being cautious about using drones, dealing with regulations, and addressing worries about privacy and security.