Expert in 2D & 3D Mapping

Posted on 5th Jan 2022

Expert in 2D & 3D Mapping

The use of drones for 2D and 3D mapping applications would enable our client to acquire a precise and detailed image/model of any site of interest.
The image/model is an asset which can be used in developing strategies, improve workflow, increase efficiency and reducing cost.

Construction Site Mapping

The 3D model is one of the best aids in visualizing the three dimensionalities of an object or a building of interest as it provides a clear perception of size and depth.

It is a perfect tool for project showcase, presentation, and interactive web design. The drone, fitted with RTK abilities, would be used to capture the photographs of the stockpile. The imagery will then be processed by using specialized software to create a point-cloud of all the measurements.

Types of Mapping

Drone Volume Calculation
As the images are corrected for perspective error, they have been taken from vertically above, at an infinite distance.
It is useful for the design of railroad, highway, and transmission cable as it consists of calculation of area, volume, and slope for various project.
It can be used to monitor the urban plan and growth of the forest.

Drone volume calculation would enable the measurement of the stockpile with high accuracy and precision.

Using an RTK drone, a pin-point accuracy of the latitude and longitude coordinates can be assured.

Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM) is a raster image generated by merging orthophotos such as an aerial or satellite photograph.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) provides a bare earth representation of terrain or surface topography.

Digital Surface Model (DSM) refers to a ground elevation model that includes object heights on the surface such as buildings, bridges, and trees.

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