Facade Inspection

Posted on 12th Nov 2021

facade inspection

SINGAPORE — Building owners will soon be required to hire qualified personnel to conduct a facade inspection every seven years, as part of plans to “future-proof” Singapore’s existing infrastructure, Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee said on Tuesday (March 6).

BCA will introduce inspection guidelines and strengthen research and development efforts to look into more effective and productive ways to carry out facade inspections, such as using drones.

Drones have changed the game. As we are comparing the efficiency of traditional building facade inspection methods, scaffolding and gondola installation both need around 10-15 workers and Certified Engineer onsite for the inspection which the whole process takes around 24days and prone to human error.

But MIRS Innovate offer a safer, cost effective and time-saving way by using a commercial drone. A drone can bypass obstacles such as wires and sprinkler systems, and even fly to places that are difficult for workers to reach, helping to speed up the inspection process, in a safer way. It equips with high resolution cameras to scan and capture images of building facades from multiple angles.

Depends on the shape/size of the buildings, normally drone can finish the operation within 1 day with 1 pilot and 1 safety officer only, where may takes another 4-5 days to have the data processed and analysed. The whole façade inspection can be done within 12-15 days! Industrial drone inspection can discover surface cracked, paint peels, corrosion mark, spalling, dirt/spot, defects, water leakage and many more!

Drone inspection could be central to safety concerns and lowering maintenance costs in major cities like Singapore. If you're interested to learn more about our enterprise solutions, including long-term collaboration, flight operation and more please contact us at mirs@mirs-innov.com. 

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- The MIRS Innovate Team