Flying Drone In Singapore

Posted on 3rd Oct 2018

flying drone in singapore

Drone become more and more commercialized for past few years, as we can see it not only use for entertainment purpose, also use business purpose. For the first time player, you might not know what to do and what you can do, I hope this blog may help you.

First time of flying a drone, what we should do?  There are several steps we need to do before flying our drone,

1.Ensure that you are legally fly your drone in Singapore. According to CAAS, drone less than 7 kg, not more than 200ft (60m) and not for business purpose, he or she is allowing to fly the drone in permitted area. For some safety reason, there is “NO FLYING” zone in Singapore. You may visit CAAS website, they do provide a map for you to know which is permitted area.

2.Understand your drone. Every drone has it strength and weakness, some drone has it limit at speed or high. Better to understand your drone first, unless you want your drone to give you a lesson.

3.Check your drone before fly. Same concept as having a final exam, to ensure your final exam go smooth and well, you do check your pencil box before going to exam. For drone, do check your drone physically, battery and any extra battery need and so forth.

4.Check the weather condition before the day you want to fly your drone. To avoid high wind or raining day. Most drone are not water proof or water resistant, so you know if your drone get rain must immediately clean your drone and keep away from.

5.Test your drone before flight. This step to ensure your drone Is in healthy and good condition.

Those steps seem normal and general, but sometime people just forget to do so. Flying your drone safely may reduce possibility of damage and unnecessary cost.