Impact of weather to drone

Posted on 3rd Oct 2018

Impact of weather to drone

I believe every one of you know that weather has greatest impact to drone performance. Sunny day is good for flying drone, but windy and raining day are not suitable to fly your drone. Not all the drone in market is water-resistant or anti-dust. Thus, do check weather report before taking off your drone, keep your drone away from bad weather.

In Singapore, our weather is either hot day or raining day. Due to geographical location, we do not have four seasons in a year and the average temperature is between 25 to 31 degrees Celsius. Sound like a good country for flying drone. However, weather condition still very crucial to drone. 

Sunny day

A good weather for aerial shooting. Sunny day is good for aerial because it provides natural lighting, the place of sun also critical to aerial shooting because place of sun related to the object shadow. As usual, check your drone before fly, to avoid accident or unnecessary incident.  

We strongly suggested that do not fly on windy or rainy day as the weather may give harm to drone.


Flying drone on windy day require many of backup batteries to support it. This is because higher speed of wind will make drone drain the battery fastest than normal to maintain its position in air. Higher speed of winds causes to unstable flying in air, shorter flight times and the risk of drone fall from flying. The best solution is don’t take off drone when the gusts exceed your drone top speed. the smaller your drone is, the greatest the impact of wind to your drone.  

Raining Day

As mention above, not all drone in market is waterproof, so try to imagine if your drone does not offer waterproof function and little bit of rain probably going to ruin internal of drone. The best solution is checking the weather forecast before the day of flying drone. Sometime the accuracy of weather forecast is being challenge, so if you are at mid of flying drone and feel that there is slightly raining, should immediately set return.