Magazine Worthy Interior Photography Singapore

Posted on 30th Jul 2020

interior photography

Good designs compliment a space. Great interior photography sell that space. Our architectural and interior photographers are skilled at creating beautifully engaging interior photography that bring out the best in your investment. We specialise in architectural and interior photography that tells stories and breathes life into spaces.

Hotels, Homes, Offices, Ships, Parks and other Architectural things – We can shoot on location with our vast array of lenses suited for capturing wide angles of large-scale buildings to the most intricately designed interiors. We have experience shooting interior photography like ship interiors, factories and even darkened museums. 

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How to Take Interior Photography like in the Magazines

Would you love to capture stylish interior photography? Do you wonder how magazines make homes look so appealing? We’ll show you how to take your interior photography to the next level with our handy guide.

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in some real estate photography already, or you love looking at home interior photography on social media? The sight of so many stunning images can be overwhelming.

So how can you upgrade your shots of interior photography and take your skills to the next level? Let’s go step-by-step through the process of capturing magazine-worthy interior photography.

1. Preparation Is Key to a Successful Interior Photography Shoot

There is plenty to prepare before you take a single interior photography  

You’ll need to:

Check, charge, and pack the right equipment;

Pick the best time of day to shoot; and

Style the space.

2. Choose the Right Time of Day for Your Shoot

If you have the freedom to choose the time of day to shoot, by choosing the right time can help you plan the perfect light to present your interior photography. 

Unlike most other forms of photography, midday tends to be ideal because the light is too strong or indirect, such as the sun is overhead. Selecting timing helps to avoid any bright sun streaks coming through the windows, providing an even, indirect glow of light in your interior photography. 

3. Time to Get Out and Shoot

Now it’s over to you – it’s time to get out and practice. Hopefully, our tips have shown you that magazine-worthy interior photography is not so unattainable.

Walk through these steps at your next shoot and get one step closer to super stylish interior photography.

Now that you’ve learned these tips for stunning photos, you’re a better interior photographer.


But the fact is, the journey doesn’t stop there. There are more tips, tricks, and secrets--all of which will help you take gorgeous interior photography. 

You too can master the art of magazine-worthy interior photography with the tips we’ve outlined.