Junior Fly Scratch 1

$299.00(Incl. GST)

What Is Junior Fly Scratch

Junior Fly Scratch is a programme where Coding and Drone Flying gets to combine! By using the appropriate coding language (Scratch), will allows your children to roll on the Coding Journey from as young as 8 years old.

The Junior Fly Scratch programs is dedicated of leading your children to learn and understand from both Programming and Drone Flying Skill. And the kids will eventually progress into utilizing coding language to fly the drone under their command! This programs have a total of 2 learning stages which are Junior Fly Scratch 1 and Junior Fly Scratch 2.

About Junior Fly Scratch 1 (JFS1)

Junior Fly Scratch 1 (JFS1) - 2 days of inspiring course that includes learning of Drone Flying and Basic Programming that can be apply on the drone! Fundamental coding concepts such as Variables, Conditionals, Sequences, Loops will be illustrated to your children by using “Kids Friendly” programme, Scratch. Through JFS1, the kids will also get to understand the fundamental structure of a drone and learn how to manually control it!

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About Scratch

Scratch is a visual programming language where it uses color coded blocks instead of the text-based programming languages (More suitable for young adult). Moreover, Scratch is also an online community where your children can program and share their self-created games or animation with the world!

Course Information

Course Price: $299 with GST

Course Duration: 2 days/ 8 hours

Recommended Age: 8 and above

Class Size: 6 - 10 kids per class

Award: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who meet the 75% attendance requirement.