Junior Fly Scratch 2

$469.00(Incl. GST)

What Is Junior Fly Scratch

Junior Fly Scratch is a programme where Coding and Drone Flying gets to combine! By using the appropriate coding language (Scratch), will allows your children to roll on the Coding Journey from as young as 8 years old.

The Junior Fly Scratch programs is dedicated of leading your children to learn and understand from both Programming and Drone Flying Skill. And the kids will eventually progress into utilizing coding language to fly the drone under their command! This programs have a total of 2 learning stages which are Junior Fly Scratch 1 and Junior Fly Scratch 2.

About Junior Fly Scratch 2 (JFS2)

Junior Fly Scratch 2 aims to continue inspire children in coding by establish coding into drone. The kids able to witness their coding work in real life application and exploit further possibility in drone coding! The kids will be able to enhance their Scratch skill that learn previously from Junior Fly Scratch 1 and gets to implement them on actual drone! DJI Tello EDU will become our major teaching tool, and it is a tailored built drone for Drone Coding. Through programming, Tello EDU can fly autonomously and accomplish basic flight task such as Pitch, Roll, Yaw and even Flip and draw circle around places!

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About DJI Tello EDU

Tello EDU is a programmable drone that’s perfectly design for education. Programming languages such as Python, Scratch and Swift can be easily learned through applying them on Tello EDU. It utilize vision positioning system to ensure precise hovering in indoor environment. It offers multiple flight mode (e.g., Throw and Go, Hand Landing) and even support to fly multiple Tello EDUs to fly in a swarm.

Course Information

Course Price: $469 with GST

Course Duration: 4 days/ 16 hours

Recommended Age: 8 and above

Class Size: 6 - 10 kids per class

Award: A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who meet the 75% attendance requirement.