MIRS's Drone Technology

Posted on 24th May 2022

by Admin

Lightweight? Perfect show duration? High stability and accuracy? Local Licensed Drone Operator

MIRS Innovate is one of the world's leading drone light show companies based in Singapore.

With powerful motors, our drones provide solid flight experience. Weight around 600 g for simple flight permits and easier logistic management.

Perfect show duration
10 minutes drone show enable client to enjoy the full show without having stiff neck.

High stability and accuracy
Reliable RTK signal ensure high speed animations and flight stability.

Local Licensed Drone Operator
Our pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to fly multiple drones at night.

Many may ask, what is the process of getting one drone light show?

It's quite simple and straightforward: You can call our hotline or email us at mirs@mirs-innov.com, tell us what you want and we'll make it happen!
Our preparation take around 8 - 10 weeks, for simpler designs, we can cut it even shorter!
We'll work together with our professional designer team and technical team to create content tailored to your event's theme. Client are always welcome to bring own sound track that we can work together :)

Contact: +65 6718 2231
Email: mirs@mirs-innov.com
Website: https://www.mirs-innov.com/drone-light-show