The MIRS XL-2500M tethered power supply system can be adapted to the DJI Matrice 300 series. The system consists of an air-part module and a ground integrated power supply box. The electrical energy is transmitted from the ground to the air-part module on the drone through the high-performance alloy power supply line and converted into the DC 12S voltage used by the drone, which can continuously power the drone. It can be directly connected to generators or 220V mains power, allowing drones to perform ultra-long endurance operations on a safe basis. At the same time the air-part module provides a 48V power interface (automatically switch battery and power supply), which can be used by other airborne pods.

The tethered system perfectly solves the three limitations of the industrial multi-rotor drone:

(1) Short flight time - After being connected to the tethered platform, the multi-rotor drone can complete fixed-point hovering tasks that require long-term continuous operations in specific scenarios without being limited by battery capacity.

(2) Limited areas - Special areas such as no-fly zones, crowd gatherings, flammable and explosive areas, tethered drones can maximize the performance of tasks while minimizing the danger.

(3) Not easy to operates - Only need to master simple flying skills to easily operate the tethered drone.

Product Features

(1) No need to modify the drone, just install the air-part module and use it.

(2) Rainproof cover design, no fear of bad weather.

(3) With auto winch system.

(4) Trolley case design, easy to move.

Product Specifications:

Air-part Module (Support DJI M300)
Dimensions< 135*98*95mm (For TB60 IFB)
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Shell MaterialAviation aluminium alloy
Weight500 ± 20g
Rated Power2.5 kw
Rated Input VoltageDC 300 - 420 V
Rated Output VoltageDC 45 - 50 V
Output Current≥50A
Output Noise + Ripple≤200 mV
Load Regulation1.5%
Voltage Regulation1.5%
Voltage of Reserved Interface48V
Over Current ProtectionOutput current is greater than 62A, the air-part power supply automatically stops
Over Voltage Protection420v
Output Short Circuit ProtectionThe output short-circuits automatic protection, the short-circuit current is less than the rated 200%, and automatically returns to normal after the fault is removed.
Over Temperature Protection80 ℃
Working Temperature-20~55 ℃
Storage Temperature-30~60 ℃
Working Humidity R.H.5%~95%
Working Altitude3000m
Tethered Power Box
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Weight<25kg (including cable)
Rated Power3 kw
Cable Length100m
Rated Input VoltageAC 220V+10%
Rated Frequency50/60 Hz
Output VoltageDC 300-400V
Input Maximum Current8.75A
Working Temperature14A (input voltage 220 VAC rated load)
Storage Temperature-30~60℃
Working Humidity R.H.5%~95%
Storage Humidity R.H.5%~90%
Working Altitude3000m
Cable Winchauto/manual