MIRS XL-500P-S is a tethered system for DJI Phantom 4 series. The system is composed of an on-board power supply and an integrated ground power supply. It is powered by special wires to break through the battery capacity limit and significantly increase the flight time from 30 minutes to several hours, providing users with more application possibilities.

Product Features

(1) Plug & play. No need to damage the drone, just plug in the air-part module; fully adapt to the DJI App system, without any modification to the software and hardware.

(2) Simplified & portable. No need to configure additional batteries and power adapters, ready to use.

(3) Support hot plug. The ground battery supports hot swapping, which can achieve ultra-long air hovering.

Product Specifications:

Air-part Module (Support Phantom 4)
Dimensions< 80*54*125mm
Shell ColourWhite
Shell MaterialComposite Material
Weight< 357g
Rated Power500w
Rated Input VoltageDC 300-400 V
Rated Output VoltageDC 16-17.5 V
Working Temperature-20~55 ℃
Storage Temperature-30~60 ℃
Storage Humidity R.H.5%~90%
Working Humidity R.H.5%~95%
Working Altitude3000m
Tethered Power Box
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Weight<14kg (including cable)
Rated Power500w
Cable Length60m
Rated Input VoltageAC 220V+10% ︱ DC 48V±10%
Rated Frequency50/60 Hz
Output VoltageDC 300-410 V
Working Temperature-20~55℃
Storage Temperature-40~80℃
Working Humidity R.H.5%~95%
Storage Humidity R.H.5%~90%
Cable WinchAuto/Manual