The MIRS XL-M500S Tethered Power System adapts to the DJI Phantom 4 Series & Mavic 2 Series Platform, which converts single-phase or three- phase AC power into DC high voltage and transmits it to the onboard power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power cable. Powering the aircraft. With the use of the backup battery, it can increase the flight time from 30 minutes to several hours, providing users with more application possibilities.

The MIRS XL-M500S mooring power system consists of two parts: the onboard power supply and the hand-integrated retractable line machine. Among them, the hand-integrated retractable line machine is highly integrated with ground power, high-performance power supply cables and automatic retractable line devices. High integration provides portability, and the 0-30 meters cable's automatic take-up and take-up functions ensure that the tethered system can be quickly deployed and retracted, while also reducing cable impact and bending. It is an effective device for protecting cables.

Product Specifications:

Onboard Power Supply
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Shell MaterialPhotosensitive resin composite
Weight245 g
Power0.4 kw
Rated Input VoltageDC 300-400 V
Rated Output VoltageDC 16-17.5 V
Working Temperature-20~55 ℃
Storage Temperature-30~60 ℃
Storage Humidity R.H.5%~90%
Working Humidity R.H.5%~95%
Working Altitude3000m
Ground Power System
Shell ColourBlack (default)
Flammability Rating>V0
Weight<14kg (including cable & battery)
PowerRated 0.5 kw, peak 0.8 kw
Rated Input Voltage220 VAC±10% / 48VDC±10%
Rated operating frequency50/60 hz
The output voltage300-410 VDC
Input maximum current12A (input voltage 220 VAC rated load)
Input maximum inrush current14A (input voltage 220 VAC rated load)