Professional Drone Inspection

Posted on 21st Feb 2022

by Admin

Professional Drone Inspection

Starting this year 2022, facade checks on buildings will have to be carried out every seven years for structures that are over 13m in height and more than 20 years old. The new Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI) regime was announced by the BCA on Thursday (Oct 21).

Current guidelines stipulate that these inspections are carried out at the discretion of a building's owner or management. Residential and temporary structures are exempted.

Inspections are one of the major applications for drones.
There's 2 main benefits of using a drone (this is where drone comes in handy :)

Time and manpower savings. By traditional way which is using a gondola means that checks can be done along only one vertical section of the building at a time. There is also a safety boost from the reduced need to work from a gondola.

More data points/angles can be collected using drones, which have cameras that can record video in 4K resolution and photos of up to 20 megapixels. Drone allows a closer visual inspection as well as better coverage of the entire structure.

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