Professional Drone Inspection Services in Singapore 2024

Posted on 21st Feb 2022

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Professional Drone Inspection Services in 2024

According to Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the new Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI) regime, façade checks on buildings will have to be carried out every seven years for structures that are over 13m in height and more than 20 years old starting from 1 January 2022

Current guidelines stipulate that these inspections are carried out at the discretion of a building's owner or management. Residential and temporary structures are exempted.

Did you know that actually the inspections are one of the major applications for drones. It can help save the human’s time to conduct the most accurate inspection compared to the traditional inspection methods etc. Wondering what’s the benefits of using drones for facade inspection? 

There is some benefits implement the drone inspection for the buildings which including;

1.Time Saving

The first one would definitely be time saving.  As the advanced technology used by drones has replaced manpower which is able to record accurate data in a shorter time as the facade inspection might be done within 2 hours. 

2. Safety Enhancement and Reducing Risks

Safety enhancement would be the second advantage,as the integration of advanced drone technology has significantly improved worker safety by minimizing the need for workers to climb to risky heights during tasks and reducing the hazards risks.

From inspecting dangerous structures to assessing disaster-stricken areas, drones have minimized human exposure to potential hazards and this has successfully enhanced the efficiency of operations but also prioritized the safety of personnel involved.

3.High Quality Data and Detailed Insight 

The data recorded by the drone technologies consists of high quality data and detailed insight as the drones equipped with advanced cameras and sensors, offer a close-up view of building facades which can be collected, analyzed and shared in RTK (Real Time Kinematic) which have cameras that can record video in 4K resolution and photos of up to 20 megapixels.

Drone allows a closer visual inspection as well as better coverage of the entire structure. and this will ensure there is procrastination in making decisions as all the data is obtained on the spot. This provides detailed insights into structural elements, which helps to identify issues such as cracks or corrosion that might be overlooked from the ground.

4. Cost - Efficiency Unleashed 

The traditional inspections can be expensive, but with drones, it is the best option for humans as it consists of lower pricing. It's like saying farewell to high costs. Hence, drones are a more affordable option, needing fewer resources and making inspections easier on the budget. Besides, it also enhances the productivity for the person in charge who uses it for inspection and marketing purposes. As our company has provided the inspection services in HD aerial photography, 3D modelling, facade inspection  etc.

5.Able to Access All Area

The drones can access all the areas that humans could not reach which included exploring in the tight spaces, intricate architectural details, and high-end areas.

If you are opting to engage a drone inspection service company, it is advisable to:

Thoroughly Research and Obtain Cost Estimates:

Conduct comprehensive research to obtain accurate cost estimates from potential drone service providers. Ensure that the quotes align with your specific inspection needs and cover all associated services. 

Evaluate Licensing Compliance:

Verify that the chosen drone service company holds all the necessary licenses and permits required for the specific area to be inspected. Compliance with local and federal regulations is crucial to ensure that the drone operations are legal and adhere to safety standards. This step helps mitigate risks and ensures a smooth and lawful inspection process

Review Data and Reporting Capabilities:

Inquire about the type of data and reports the drone service company provides post-inspections. Assess the level of detail, accuracy, and format of the information delivered. 

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