Professional Drone Training Center

Posted on 22nd Jan 2020

professional drone training, drone training center

MIRS Innovate inspires UA pilots into professionals. We provide Remote Piloted Course for potential UA pilot and theory. Through our professional drone training, we promise to train pilot to obtain Certified License. Our Professional Drone Training will be conducted by qualified drone instructors have experiences in more than hundreds of projects. Training with our instructors, pilots not only receive knowledge and techniques to pass the UAPL, but also learning experiences and obtain insights by instructors in various industry including Construction Project Monitoring, Facade Building Inspection, Remote Inspection Technique (RIT) on Ship Survey and etc. Our motto is to training aspiring pilots to become drone specialist.  

Our Professional Drone Training focus on Multirotor Drone Training. We promise to sharpen a newbie skill to become a potential certified drone pilot. Our professional drone training will not be conducted more than 5 pax to maintain the training quality. Professional Drone Training not only provides theory training and professional flying training, we enhance pilot skills through simulator training which is critical to master pilot hovering skills and sense of direction. By training with the aid of simulator, pilot will be more confidence when flying the real thing.  

Our 5 days course enables professionals to become a CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) certified remote pilot through theoretical and practical flight learning and development. As part of the qualification, we cover hands-on flight training (minimum of four hours every day) where you will gain in-depth exposure and qualify you for CAAS flight standards.  You will get to fly a number of different fly paths we design to give you experience with different capabilities. If you have a specific area of interest, we can also target your training to give you more exposure in that particular area such as thermal imagery.

Our drone training centre are located at our office for theory class and you will be training on simulator to get a hang on how’s flying drone works first before access to practical flight training on field. Our basic course is for multirotor weight 7kg. We will provide our training drone MIRS F450 and MIRS S1200 for practical flight training. 

For practical flight training, our drone training centre only provide transportation and physical drone with controller. You will need to bring personal protective equipment to the course, including sunglasses, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, a hat and water bottle. You do not need your own drone to do the course, however it is highly recommended that you do have one for practice in your own time. 

The market for drone technology has been estimated to grow to US$24 billion by 2027 according to Report Linker. This prove that employment rate in drone industry will be skyrocketed. Successful completion of this course from our drone training course may provide career opportunities for graduates as a UAV operator within a range of roles in various sectors, for example, in agriculture, surveying, infrastructure, mapping, project progress monitoring or aerial imagery. In addition, the skills gained through the course will assist graduates as an addition to their skill base when applying for jobs in a variety of areas. For example, as a surveyor or in construction.