Real Estate Video

Posted on 29th Oct 2020

real estate video

Getting real about real estate video

Buying or selling a residence is a high-stakes process in Singapore. But with the advantage of sharply crafted real estate video showcasing the property, these transactions can be made much easier.

As you make and share your real estate videos, don’t be afraid to go beyond the examples included here. Creative video making, whether DIY or from a professional team, can be decisive in landing a key client. For more ideas on how to incorporate video in your overall real estate marketing strategy, you can check out with us.

Where should real estate videos be posted?

Property videos/ real estate videos are frequently incorporated into multi-channel marketing strategies. Two of the most common channels are:

a. Social media

Real estate professionals are ubiquitous on social networks like Instagram and YouTube. We shared some YouTube clips above, so let’s look at one from Instagram here to get a feel for how a video on that platform might look.

For example, Real estate video can showcase a condo in Singapore, by using aerial footage, which taken from drone aerial video, to open and then proceeds to a guided tour. The backing music track is innocuous yet soothing, and the camerawork is very steady. The ending with aerial shots by showing the condo’s position relative to other locations in the neighborhood. Finally, the caption includes contact info, plus lots of hashtags for high search visibility. This will help to open your business widely.

b. Real estate websites

If you’ve ever looked up a property online, chances are you’ve gone through lots of property websites. Those sites allow listers to embed videos and virtual tours to give viewers a better sense of the property and help with real estate marketing. Presenting your real estate video will increase the chances and easier to attract your target customers. Real estate video can speak on behalf of you and present the best part of your property. Real estate video will give audience more confidence in order to raise up your closing rate.